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The last twelve weeks I've been working hard to get my certificate in professional boudoir photography. I have been studying posing, lighting, editing and business. Boudoir certified is a program for professional photographers to bring their business to the next level. This program focuses on educating photographers on posing, lighting and business practices. One of the most important parts of this coarse was creating a solid workflow for sessions, create a workflow of poses that works for all body types and can be used quick during the session. We implemented a same day viewing program, now when you book a session, the photoshoot, and the viewing of the photographs occur all in the same day. There is no waiting around for your photos to be edited, 30 minutes are all that is needed to pick out the best images, and then we sit down and see them. We also added a new series of heirloom products, ranging from the linen boxes to the designer album, since you can pick out your products at the order session. 

During this program, I grew my facebook group to 1000 women, who support and encourage each other on a daily basis! 

We are proudly the only Cleveland photographer who Boudoir Certified. 

Boudoir Certified
Julianna Arendash