2018: A Boudie-ful Year in Review

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A Year in Review

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Well Everyone the numbers are IN!

This year starting in March, we have photographed 52 women, in just 9 shorts months. In July alone we empowered 11 babes, falling just a few short of our goal of empowering 16 women that month. Next year we plan to empower 75 women, many of our clients are repeat offenders. ;)


Some of my proudest moments this year…

To me, the job isn’t done until you feel 5 stars about your experience. I love my job, and I want to make sure that I am serving my clients as best I can. I want my clients to feel like they can show up to the studio and the rest is taken care of. Some of my proudest moments were moving into our new studio space, and all the magic that happened there. Some of my proudest sessions would be with Lillian, Amber and Maggie. These babes are what really light my fire, their sessions were emotional for me, and they really touched my spirit with their stories. Every babe who walks into my studio, I believe they leave as a friend <3

What improvements have I made to my business to improve the lives of my clients and others?

This year in May we moved to a new studio space, we invest in new furniture. The addition of the famous Emerald Green Couch. The Secret paint colored wall. As many experienced our studio didn’t have central air (well really none of my locations had that), and in the winter it got pretty chilly. Boudoir is already scary enough, you don’t need to worry about your temperature too! So we moved our studio into the one place we know we have total control. Our in-law suite at home. I have made a full make over to our private entry studio to accommodate all you babes. Read our future goals below to get a sneak peak of what is to come in 2019. We’ll be moving again ;)

I create a Facebook group this year that grown to over 2.3K members of women from all over Northeast Ohio. Today we ran a fundraiser to collect Ipsy and small bags to donate to women in need. We collected over 150 bags, and filled them with feminine supplies to help local women. I helped create an education program to go along with the bags. Giving back to our community. Babes Helping Babes.

What Education have I made to Improve my Practice?

This year I participated in an education program to take my boudoir business to the next level. I became a professional certified boudoir photographer. To learn a little more about that learn below. If you’re a photographer looking to enhance you business this is the program for you! I encourage others in my area to look into this program.

A Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer runs a trustworthy, sustainable boudoir photography business in a time of many “fly by night photographers."

CPBPs provide top notch customer service, support to their local community, have unmatched professionalism, respectfulness of your privacy, same day viewing of your images, fast turn around times & have a great reputation with their clients.

It can be difficult to find a photographer you can trust with such an intimate photo shoot but CPBP photographers are taken through an extensive training course & test to prove that they have what it takes to give their clients the best boudoir experience, gorgeous flattering photos of their clients like they’ve never seen before & high end products they will cherish for a lifetime.

CPBPs don’t merely run sustainable boudoir photography businesses, they don’t stop until they’ve empowered every woman in their community with a life changing boudoir photography session.

Boudoir Certified

What are my goals for 2019?

  • How many women is my goal to empower next year?

    • I plan to empower at least 75 women next year.

  • Plans for Studio Improvements

    • New and Improved Studio Space in Grafton and Works on Creating our Permanent Storefront (and Coffee Shop)

  • Any special educational workshop or events you are attending or teaching at?

    • Boudie Camp Live 2019: I will be speaking at a national conference for boudoir photographers on informatics.

  • Any special community projects?

    • Continuation of the Babes Helping Babes Collection and more.