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biggest boudie giving holiday of the year!

I’m someone that likes to look at things for all angles, perspectives, etc. I want to give you a little perspective on my view and my experience with clients giving gifts of boudie

So I guess I got start off at the beginning. Boudoir and what it means to me, and then we can drive a little deeper into gifting boudoir.

Boudoir to me is an experience for women to get in touch with their confidence again. Most of the time, Women who come to my studio have been looking for confidence their WHOLE lives. They have struggled with their body, their confidence, their self-esteem and they have decided to do a boudoir session because they want to finally feel good about themselves. I try to encourage my clients to find a personal reason in doing boudoir, because finding an internal motivator to do the session will put you in control of the results. NOT someone else. So to sum to it, I think

“Boudoir Should be a Gift to YOURSELF”

Don’t let this discourage you, lots of women give their products away as a gift! Sometimes we have a hard time justify cost to ourselves and we need an excuse and I get that! ;) Sometimes you are celebrating a milestone, like an anniversary or marriage and gifting so great for these events. But I want to keep it real with you ladies, these are something you need to think about when giving a gift.

Here are some things to remember when giving boudoir as a gift:

  • Not everyone reacts the same to a surprise. -I have asked clients “How did your significant other react to the photos?” Most of my clients report back to me that their hubbies didn’t sound as excited as they wanted them to be. Which ultimately hurt my clients feelings because they expected to be OVER joyed. Just know that the reaction can vary.

    • You have to remember that this whole boudoir experience was A LOT for you, and you have lots emotions wrapped up in it. The fear, nervousness, excitement you felt going through the process, the session. Who you are giving the gift to might not fully understand what you went through to get there. <3 So tell yourself, no matter how they react, this was MONUMENTAL for you.

  • Be Prepared for A LOT of questions: they are going to ask you when? where? why?

    • Answer them as they come. Don’t get defensive, remember before you did boudoir, you probably hardly knew anything about it. It’s 2019 and people still don’t know what boudoir is.

  • This is something that has more value to you, then it does to anyone else.

    • You know how you get diploma, and everyone is really proud and excited for you. Inside you are glowing because it took trails, tribulations and hard work to get there. This session will hold more internal value to you, then it will to anyone else. And that’s pretty freaking cool. So embrace it.

  • Keep a stash for you: If you give this as a gift, make sure you still have access to it or make a little stash for yourself. You want to be able to look at these photos when you self-confidence is in jeopardy, when you need a pick me up, when that nagging voice in your head picks back up. This will silence them.

    “MAKE IT ABOUT YOU, then about them”

Pro-Tips for Gift Giving

  • You MUST plan ahead.

    • If you are interested in giving a gift you NEED to book your session two months before the product is required.

    • Products take about a month to come in, but just in case something happens

    • My studio is already 50% booked for the year, so your chances of last minute booking is slim

I want to just state again! I don’t think there is anything wrong with giving boudoir as a gift. I think it is so important to set up your expectations though and prepare yourself for what might happen.