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Hey girl!

As your boudie godmother I wanted to shower you with some love and affection this week. And because I think you really need to hear it!

You are your own magic.

Sometimes in life we get lost in the hustle and bustle that we forget our own magic. There is something about each and everyone of us that makes us unique. We all have a unique skill or trait, that makes us, us. As I've said many times, "we are often too close to our genius to know what that something special is". Some people call it a secret sauce, a super power, I call it your pixie dust (I'm a boudie godmother🔮 remember) and I'm here to help you see you offer something special to this world inside of you, and i'm gunna help you gain the confidence to let it out.

Mantras are easy to write and can have a powerful value when you just need a moment of centering. I’m going to help guide you through a visioning activity that will help you write your own mantra

  • What is a hobby or activity that you loved to do as a little girl?

  • What is something you love to do now that you can’t get enough of?

  • Name two women who inspire you, and write one word next to them that embodies what they mean to you.

From these questions finish this Mad Lib

I am (hobby / activity you loved as a child) at heart

I get incredible happiness from (what you love to do now)

I Value (The words you put next your inspiring women)

This is your pixie dust mantra.. This is what makes you, uniquely you. This is what the people that MATTER to you, love about you. This is what your magic is. Remember to surround yourself with positivity, and a tribe that supports your journey. If haven’t already, check out the Confident Cleveland Sisterhood, it is a growing community of 2000 women in the Cleveland area who are taking the steps to learn more about self love, body positivity, and empowering women in our community. “As sisters we rise”

Go out there and sprinkle that pixie dust on others.



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Creative Conversations by Creative Clubhouse