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Why is Boudoir So Pricey?

I wish I could give every woman out there a boudoir session! I don’t work a day in my life, because boudoir is something I love and I love going into the studio everyday. When I make my boudoir packages, I try to keep customers in mind and I want to make it as affordable as possible and that’s why I offer so many financing options.

What I have to say about pricing is…Boudoir with me is not a photo-shoot It’s an entire experience. Some people book themselves spa days to feel physically renewed. Boudoir is here to help you feel emotionally and spiritually renewed about your body. When you book a shoot with me, I try all the stress out of the session. I plan the hair, the makeup, the session, the posing, the wardrobe, ALL OF IT. All you have to do is SHOW UP. So while this may seem like a pricey experience, I’m offering a come as you are experience, I handle all the stress for you. And to me, as a busy woman, this is INVALUABLE.

Tell Me about your collections?

I have two options when pricing my sessions, I can offer a bare bones experience, where most of the work is put onto my client, OR I can offer a top of line, empowering experience where I unburden women and do the work FOR THEM.

With my collections I wanted to offer you products that are exclusive, professional quality, and unique. I hand retouch every image for print, go through every file with a fine tooth comb and quality check every product that leaves my hands. I have trailed many professional labs to find the most unique products to offer my clients. These collections are intended to turn your body into art.


How can I save for my session?

PRO TIPS FROM THE PRO on how to save your session

  1. Pay for your session fee during a flash sale. BLACK FRIDAY is the biggest flash sale of the year and one of the only promotion we run all year. If you want to get HUNDREDS off your session fee this is the time to buy.

  2. When you purchase your session fee through a flash sale you can select any date 365 days out.

  3. Once you have locked down your date, you can start saving/making room for collections. I take all major credit cards, Paypal Credit and In-house payment plans to try and make this as affordable as possible for you.

  4. You can stash away a little each week, start paying a little more on your credit card, etc to make little steps towards saving for your session.

  5. Remember if you end up not liking any of your photos you can just walk away.


What does a session fee include?

  • Professional Coordination of Photo-shoot, Private Location

  • Professional Hair and Makeup Application

  • 60 Minute Session with Boudoir Certified Photographer Julianna Arendash

  • Same Day Viewing and Order (see your photos on the day of the shoot)

  • VIP Customer Service

  • $100 Credit towards any purchase


Want to learn more about boudoir, check out our contact page to chat more about if my studio is good for you!



Julianna Arendash