I'm not a model, I have never been in-front of the camera. I'm afraid of my cellulite, rolls, stretch marks. Can I do this? 

Alright baby girl, you just stop right there. ANYONE can do boudoir. I believe that every woman is beautiful, and that she can do a boudoir session. I have spent COUNTLESS hours learning the art of boudoir, learning how to pose women to look their best, finding the right angle and light to put the things that we don't like about ourself in the dark and behind us (literally). I work with an amazingly talented to hair and make up team to get you looking your best. With the work of makeup, posing, lighting and angles, I can make any woman a FIERCE super model. 

What is the process for booking a session? 

The first step is filling out the contact form, from there I will send you a link to a phone consultation calendar. You can select a date and time that works best for you to chat on the phone about your session. 

Once we have chatted about your session, I will send you a link to schedule and pay your retainer. The next step is seeing you in the studio. 

If you need help with outfits and set design, we can set up a time to chat about that. Want some more details? Check out the Process page.

How far in advance should I book?

You should schedule no later than 3 weeks prior to needing your product in hand. My calendar does fill quickly, I'm typically booked 2 weeks out. 

Where will I be photographed? 

Boudoir Sessions typically take place in my studio located in the Downtown Cleveland, at Lake Affect Studios. If you prefer your home or another location, I'm open to discussing that. I do travel for an additional fee, I have a travel schedule for 2018 including AZ, CO, OR, CA. 

How long does a session take?

From makeup to end of session is usually 2 Hours minimum. You will spend about an hour getting your hair and makeup done, followed by your scheduled time with the photographer. You will take an hour break after your session, to eat lunch while I edit. After an hour you come back to the studio and we view your pictures, this takes about 30-60 minutes. So allot about 4 hours to your session. 

If you cannot take 4 hours out of your day, we can schedule your viewing session for a few days later. 

Is there a retainer or deposit required?

Yes, a booking fee of your choice is due at the time of scheduling your session. It can be $300 or $500. Model Calls and holiday specials require a full payment.

Do you provide wardrobe?

Wardrobe is not provided, the client must provide their own lingerie items for the shoot. I do offer a small collection of robes, shawls, and lace gowns to use at your session without a fee. 

If you need help selecting items for your session, styling is provided for all clients. I offer a variety of lingerie items in my shop as well that can be purchased and picked up at my studio on the day of your session. 

Do you photograph nude, implied nude, or just clothed?

This is probably one of my most frequently asked questions. I photograph whatever YOU feel comfortable with. I assume that everyone coming into the studio is just looking for photographs in lingerie, or nighties, not nude or implied. If you are willing to go implied or nude please let me know and we can work it into your session. I'll be honest with you, I won't even ask during your session if you are looking for that type of photography because I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. If this is a thought that has crossed your mine please bring it up at the shoot or in your consultation and we can definitely discuss this further. We definitely wait till the end of the session to do this, because this is when you are the most confident and relaxed. To be specific for you,  implied nude is covering of the nipples and genitalia, but you appear to be nude, coverings options can be sheets, pasties, etc. Bare Bum is implied nudity, so a shot from behind of the bum is implied nudiety. Nude portraiture is topless or full frontal nudity, but posed in an artful fashion.  

We are a fine art studio so we believe that the female body is beautiful. Many times in classical art (such as oil paintings and statues) the nude female body is shown, and we see this to be ART, not pornography, so please keep that in mind. We believe that tasteful, and purposeful nude photography is the same, ART, and will be treated as so.  I have studied classical art for posing and technique when it comes to nude portraiture. I've taken many fine art painting courses involving a live nude model. If we are going to do nude or implied photography it needs to be respectable to you and me as the artist. 

Do you offer sessions without hair and makeup? 

No, hair & makeup services are complimentary included with the booking fee. If you choose to not take advantage of these services, the booking fee does not change. I promise you're in a great hands! Let yourself be pampered for a day!

Do you offer digital images?

I currently offer digital files on their own, as an add-on to a la carte product, and with my collections! With digital files we ask that you use a professional print lab only to print your images. This is a safety concern, please read below for more details

Do you recommend prints or digital?

I highly recommend choosing printed product over digitals! I offer printed work for many reasons: 

  • All products are printed through a professional American print lab dedicated to the privacy of professional photography.  These companies are dedicated to protecting the privacy of my clients.
  • A print will outlive any digital technology.  Technology changes very rapidly. You can never be too sure on an electrical item, hard drives and flash drives can fail and you images will be lost. I only back up boudoir images for one year and then they are disposed of from my hard drive.  The best way to archive your images is to have them printed. 
  • Don't you want to be 80 years old and still be able to look at printed photographs of how gorgeous you are?! You can't do that with a broken hard drive. Some computers are now being made without CDs or USB drives. Remember how you can't do anything with a floppy disc now, that's the future of USB. 
  • If you're going through the process of hiring a professional photographer, finish that process by having those photos printed professionally. Places like Walmart, and drugstores, are not considered a professional grade print. Plus, do you really want to send your private photos for print at such a place? I have some real horror stories of clients taking their images to these establishments. Anyone can take a picture of your picture, that's all I'm saying. Your neighbor's son could work in the photo department.
  • A digital is something you want now, but a print is something you will want five to ten years from now. It's something you can pass down through generations Don't let the satisfaction of sharing online, printing on your own, or backing to a computer,  replace the forever power a print holds.

Can I bring a friend to my shoot?

This is a female only boudoir studio. No men allowed, and we are very serious about this policy. You can invite a friend for comfort, but I do not recommend it. It can be awkward posing in front of them, but if you need a wing women who cheers you on, we're down for it. The friend cannot take photos with their phone. Please let me know if you plan on bringing someone. We reserve the right to remove any friends from our studio. 

Do you do couples boudoir?

The simple answer is No. As I have mentioned we are a FEMALE ONLY studio. We do not shoot heterosexual couples boudoir (obviously cause that's a man and woman), or male homosexual boudoir. That being said, we are open to the idea of lesbian couples boudoir because it is two women.  

What is a viewing and ordering appointment?

An ordering appointment is right after your session at my studio to see your photos! We will go through my product line, look at samples, and start narrowing down your favorites. I will help you through this process with my expert opinion. This is a time to select the images you want to get printed.