My Story


Who is Cleveland Fine Art Boudoir?

Hi I'm Juli! I'm the owner of Cleveland Fine Art Boudoir and Julianna Arendash Photography. About 6 years ago, a friend of mine asked me if I would take some scandalous photos of her for her boyfriend. Well she told a friend, that told a friend, that told another friend, that I did them for her and my boudoir career began. From boudoir, I started meeting a lot of women and started doing weddings and family photos as well. 

Basically doing a session with me is like hanging out with your best friend. I'm goofy and quirky. It's basically impossible to feel uncomfortable around me because I am the biggest dork you will every meet. I'll show you my sick dance moves when the first Beyonce song comes on. I will scream "YESSSSS QUEEEN" at you. I'll model all the poses for you first. I'll connect with you on a spiritual level about tacos or pizza. I'm a crazy cat lady (My cat's name is Burger). I've done a boudoir session myself, I know how utterly terrifying it can be to be in-front of the camera and look I survived, so so will you. 

Just know I've spent the last 6 years of my life, dedicating my time to understand posing, lighting and art to get you to look your best. When I'm not doing photography, I work as a nursing assistant, and I am currently in nursing school, so I've seen more naked butts than I can count, it's just like any other day in my book, so sometimes that's a comforting thought for some people. 

I work very closely with the Cleveland Flea, and I am a huge supporter of shopping small. That's why our prints are made here in Cleveland, the florals are created by a local lady boss, Brianna, and our closet/candle light boudoir items are locally sourced whenever possible. I try to also include products that are environmentally conscious. I'm a hippie, obviously.


“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
— Jane Goodall

My Photographic Philosophy

I love people, I think it's an absolute honor to be apart of someone's most cherished memories. I think boudoir is an empowering experience. Too often as women we are scrutinized about our bodies, or sexuality suppressed. We have been taught to resent our bodies, shamed for our shape, size and figure, but we need to break that model of thinking. I believe that boudoir allows you to see yourself in a different light and become free. You can choose how far you go, go bare or cover up. There is no shame in my studio, I will coach and cheer you on the whole way. I believe that extensive retouching isn't necessary, if we take the time to properly pose you and get your best angles, you won't need Photoshop. I want to photograph the real you. I use a combination of posing and lighting to create the most flattering natural look for you. I think every woman is beautiful and deserves to be made into art. I studied the female form during my years in art school, and I have an appreciation for the elegant representation of woman. I believe that getting your hair and makeup done before the shoot gets you prepared for the shoot, it makes you feel pampered and relaxed, the makeup gives you a glow and your hair makes you a bombshell babe. 


In my studio, I don't believe that boudoir is about dressing up and being a supermodel (though you'll feel like one), it's about being a SUPERYOU. My philosophy is you should be yourself, and show your best self. Everyone who walks in my studio is a babe, and you will walk out a super-babe. I basically just make a fool of myself the entire session so you feel comfortable, I play Beyonce real loud, and encourage you with phrases such as "YES QUEEEN", "GET IT GURL", and "WORK IT!!!!". 

I spent a lot of time working in dementia care and realized that some of the only things that can bring back a memory was a photograph. I want you to look at your boudoir photos when you are 80 years old and remember you are a babe.  I learned how precious one photo can be. Photography is part of the legacy you leave behind and how you will be remembered or how you will remember. I try to make my photography emotional, captive and documentary, I take an unbiased approach to photographing my clients. A lot of my inspiration is drawn from documentary artists.  My style isn't based on posing but on guiding my clients into moments and capturing them at their best. You don't need to be photogenic to be photographed by me. My editing style is gear towards film, a classic medium of photography to provide a timeless look for your photographs. I offer high quality hand curated professional products and high resolution files to my clients. 

“You can never leave footprints that last if you are always walking on tiptoe.”
— Leymah Gbowee