The Process

Julianna Arendash Photography offers the top experience here in Cleveland, OH for boudoir. We are an all female studio that seeks to make everyone feel like a babe. We don't believe in doing anything half ass, we believe that getting your hair and makeup done is part of the process, it gets you in the mood. We offer hair and makeup right here in our studio, so everything is under one roof and laid back. We offer unique all inclusive packages that include hair, makeup and prints. We offer custom set designs for our full experience clients. Everyone is offered complimentary styling with their session to help you find the most flattering outfit. 

We offer posing guidance and good vibes to get your sexy on.




How it all goes down....

1. Schedule a phone/Zoom consultation with Juli
2. Sign the contract & pay the booking fee
3. Shop around for outfits & prep for your session
4. Arrive on time for your shoot
5. Hair & Makeup (1-1.5 hours)
6. Photoshoot (1 hour)
7. Break for 1 hour / Eat lunch / Juli edits your photos
8. Viewing & Ordering appointment after 1 hour break
9. Narrow down to your favs & choose final order
10. Pay in full unless you set up a payment plan