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Rachel is a mother, wife, daughter and fellow Confident Cleveland Babe who has been fighting her battle with breast cancer for several years.

In light of recent news, Rachel who has been fighting for many years now to keep her breasts, has been told she will be required to have a double mastectomy.

As women, breasts are so much apart of our identity, it’s a hard to image life without them.

As a boudoir photographer I get to help women feel empowered and beautiful in the skin they are in. A few ladies have reached out to help make a dream come true for Rachel and help her get a boudoir shoot before and after her surgery. I will be volunteering my services for free but we would like some assistance to help Rachel get hair and makeup provided to her for the shoot, and an album to remember her sessions by and some lingerie for the shoot.

We have raised $325 to give Rachel two boudoir shoots!