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I specialize in ONE THING…

helping women fall in love with themselves.

I didn’t always know exactly what I wanted to do though. It’s kinda funny, I got a notification from my Timehop the other day, announcing to the world “I AM ONLY GOING TO BE A NEWBORN AND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER” lol oh little Juli, how little do you know.

I spent many years, spending countless hours trying to understand many different genres of photography so I could provide an individualized experience for every client who came in my door. If I had a newborn shoot coming up, I would do all I could to learn the best practices in newborn photography. I spent countless hours investing in best practices of weddings. Constantly switching gears to tailor experiences for each client. Not only was this process emotionally taxing but it also wasn’t helping me serve my clients.

I know there are many photographers out there who are focusing on lots of different fields within photography. And as I have admitted, I was also one of those people. Something I think we all can agree on is that science has proven that Multitasking ISN’T Productive, and from that we can hypothesize that “neither is trying to be the best at every genre”. I realized I need to change the way I was serving my clients but also the way I was pulling myself in so many different directions.

When I dug deep, I realized my whole mission for weddings days, family photos, senior portraits, etc was to make the people in the portraits. A. ) Feel like themselves B.) Help them feel more confident and happy in their photos. So when I took a good hard look at all my specialties and really tuned into what was making me happy. It always came back to boudoir.

Boudoir was a place where I knew I was really helping women feel better about themselves. I specialized in boudoir because I knew it was doing my client a disservice to spend my time in any place other than boudoir, but most importantly now that I have narrowed my focus, I don’t work a day in my life. I love my job <3

When a client comes to my studio, I have everything ready to go for them, all they have to do is show up. I spent hours learning posing, getting a workflow, finding the right makeup artist for the job, checking their license, etc. I get the honor of watching women transform from nervous to confident in a matter of 4 hours in my studio, and I want that experience to be over the top and flawless. If that’s not a reason to specialize in ONE field, I don’t know what is.

Through my specialization I learned the skills I was lacking to really serve my clients. I learned important things like Same Day Viewing and Ordering that allowed women to see their beauty right there on the day of the shoot. I learned about workflow posing to guide you seamlessly from pose to pose, and help guide you right down to your finger tips. Most importantly I learned the art of communication to help calm yours nerve, you’ll forget you’re even naked ;)

Thanks for tuning in babes