[Edition One] Self Care Sunday: Craft Therapy

Time to spill the beans…beads…you get my point. Self Care Sunday is a little series I have put together to help you get in touch with your creative side, and accomplish small and meaningful goals to help motivate you for the week to come.

Today I created three Crafts, varying in length of time required, to help you feel creative and motivated going into this week. Crafting takes patience, and a little planning. If something goes wrong it’s okay because it’s art ;)

Art Therapy is a great way to release some tension, and stress. Doing something that is repeatable, allows you to slow your thinking and focus on the task at hand. The rest of world kinda melts away. When painting the coasters, while it took a long time to paint the various layers. I did feel pretty zen.

Geometric Coasters

Time: 2 HRs (1HR with good paint)

Self Care Craft Coaster

Materials Needed

  • (1) pack of cork coasters (Whatever shape you want baby girl)

  • Paint brushes

  • Craft Paint (mine were 50 cents each) except the rose copper. Feel free to choose 3-5 of your favorite colors to design your own.

    • Decoart Cool Blue

    • Decoart Pink Lemonade

    • Decoart Island Blue

    • Martha Steward Rose Copper.

  • Masking tape: it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, can also use washi tape.

  • Mod Podge…clear coat…sealer…


Minimalist Hoops

Time: 5 Minutes

Self Care Craft Earrings

Hoop Earrings

Materials Needed

  • Ear Hoops (Package Below)

  • Seed Beads ( I used Rose Gold and Teal)

Really That’s It

Self Care Craft Earrings

I tried really hard to think of a pun for this…..


Time: 30 -60 minutes (depends how fast your paint dries)

Self Care Craft llama

Phillip The Llama

Materials Needed:

  • Wooden Llama

  • White Paint

  • Black Paint

  • 2 Sheets of Felt (your choice of color)

  • Pom Poms

  • Glue (Hot Glue or other types)

Self Care Craft llama