5 Things to Bring to Your Bridal Boudoir Session | Cleveland Fine Art Boudoir | Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Fine Art Boudoir

Top 5 Things to Bring to Your Bridal Boudoir:

1. Your Bridal Lingerie

If you are wearing something special on the wedding day night (night after lol). Bring it to your session! When you get your final product, for example, a book. Slip a little note inside saying "I'll be wearing this tonight". 

2. Your Veil: 

It is a great idea to wear your veil during the session. It's sexy and mysterious to wear your veil with your lingerie. 

3. Your Bridal Jewelry and Wedding Bands

If you are wearing any special jewelry, or garters for your wedding bring them along and we can style them into the shoot! 

4. Props

It is a great idea to bring some props that remind you of your s/o other. It adds a little more meaningfulness to the session. For example, his button down shirt, a football, beer. The possibilities are endless. 

5. Let's get you a Bouquet

If you are looking to finish off the bridal look, or just looking to add a little more femininity your session. Also have a great gift to go home with. Chat with me about designing and ordering a special bouquet or floral crown for during your session through Lush and Lovely Floristry.