Boudoir What even is that?

Boudoir is french for a woman's private room or something like that.

Boudoir photography is basically intimate portraiture. It's kinda like the 80s trend of glamour photography but more timeless, and not in the mall. (way less feathered hair here) 

Boudoir is a pretty open style of photography, the main mission of my studio is to help women feel empowered and express their true beauty. If wearing jeans and a t-shirt is sexy and expressive to you, you can do that! Really it's all your choice


Most women choose to let it all go and do their session in their underwear! I help women fall in love with their bodies! Accept themselves for who they are in the moment. That ten pounds is something that doesn't hold you back. 


My Favorite part about boudoir in my studio is a I get to watch women go through a transformation. ALL of the women who walk into my studio are nervous. I try to prepare them as much as I can before their shoot. I take care of most of the details, and even help them pick out their clothes. 

When we start shooting, I take one photo, and show the client the back of the camera, and from that point on, the anxiety and fears melt away. Women are able to relax. 

But one of my absolutely favorite moments is when they get to see their photos on the same day of their session, they are CHANGED. I can see the light in their eyes, they almost always say "DAMN I'M HOT", and we get a good giggle out of it. 

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