Why do I photograph women in their underwear for a living?

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Why do I photograph women in their underwear for a living?

I started as a wedding photographer and when my clients would come in for their sessions I always noticed the same thing…

...the brides were always worried about how they were going to look in the photos...some of them wish they never had to be photographed at all.

When I would ask them why they would just tell me they hate having their photo taken, they don’t believe their photogenic or that they needed to lose weight  first.

This always made me so sad that all of these gorgeous women didn’t want to have photographs taken on one of the biggest days of their lives! A day we all dreamed about as children.

I knew then and there this needed to be my mission, I needed to help women everywhere get their confidence back. Help them see themselves for the gorgeous person they are RIGHT NOW.

A bit later in my photography career journey I stumbled upon a type of photography called “boudoir photography” and I was intrigued by it.

I started to see all of these women that talked about how confident their boudoir shoot made them and how much the boudoir shoot they had changed their life.

I decided to start offering boudoir shoots at my studio. I knew I had stumbled upon this genre of photography for a reason.

The first woman that I photographed had a similar story to mine. She has struggled with her weight her entire life, and has recently celebrated a weight-loss milestone but was still struggling to see herself in a new light. She needed a change to make herself feel better about where she   is in life now.

When we did her boudoir shoot she was extremely nervous. She had lost a lot of weight and was worried about her skin and she was so afraid of what she was going to look like.

After we finished in professional hair and makeup styling for her I could tell she was already feel way more relaxed. We ended up talking a lot and I posed her in ways that flattered her and when I showed her the photos on the back of the camera she was just shocked.

She couldn’t believe it was her in the photos. (and these were completely unretouched, raw images we had just shot)

After we finished her session, I knew I was hooked. I just gave a hard working woman a chance to pamper herself and made her see her beauty as she is right now and spark her confidence again.

When we viewed her photos she was in tears thanking me up and down and she told me of all the places she was going to hang her photos up so that she could have a visual reminder of this feeling every single day.

Boudoir photography is now my main focus at my studio. To date I’ve helped more then 50 women instill confidence and believe in their beauty.

And if any of this story has resonated with you, I’d love for you to experience this too.

Every woman needs to experience this.

For more info and full details: www.clevelandfineartboudoir.com/booking