Why are women in Cleveland Ohio doing boudoir shoots?

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Why are women in Cleveland Ohio doing boudoir shoots?

...and what the heck even IS a boudoir shoot?

A boudoir shoot is an experience to be a model for a day, get your hair professionally styled, get your makeup professionally applied, have gorgeous timeless photos taken of yourself & be able to fall in love with the body you have right now.

But why would women do that? Well, here’s a list of the things my clients have said:

-     My husband LOVES the photos, best gift ever!

-     I honestly never thought I could look like the girls on your website, I actually believe I’m kinda hot!

- I was so nervous before my shoot but after now I feel like I just hung out with my BFF for the day and I’m leaving with gorgeous photos of myself to look back on forever

-     I cried when I saw my photos for the first time. Thank you for helping me see that I AM beautiful exactly how I am right now in this moment.

You see, a boudoir shoot is so much more then just a photoshoot. It’s a life changing experience that all women deserve to have.

Interested to learn more? Get full details about a boudoir shoot here: https://www.clevelandfineartboudoir.com/booking

Ps. Let me know your favorite feature about your body. Let’s celebrate each other and start changing our inner voices to positive ones

Julianna Arendash

Cleveland Fine Art Boudoir by Julianna Arendash Photography

Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer