Today we go there: Body Hair | Getting Ready for your Boudoir Session| Sugaring by Sugar Bar Lakewood

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Sugar Bar in Lakewood has been my favorite hair removal spot for YEARS now! I myself have a horrible reaction to razors and waxing, I often am left with a rash, bumps and lots of pain. Through the recommendation of a friend I decided to try sugaring because of it’s unique process in removing hair. It’s all natural and goes in the direction of the hair causing less reaction. Sugaring has been a god send for my and so I asked the owner Sarah Herbst to explain how sugaring works and how you can prepare for your session!

Hair removal isn’t required for your session, but if you want a simple way to remove your hair without any bumps or burns this is the ticket! So let’s get to the good part!

In order to make sure you get the best results from your first sugaring session, you’ll want to avoid shaving for at least 7-10 days before the service. If you wax regularly and are switching to sugaring, you’ll want to wait 4 weeks from your last wax appointment.

  1. Don’t shave! Shaving breaks off the hair at its thickest point, making it rough, stubbly, wiry, etc. When the hair is broken off so close to the skin without being full removed, it causes ingrown hairs and irritation.

  2. Sugaring is made up of lemon juice, water, and (of course) sugar! It is completely natural with no chemicals. The sugar paste is not hot, only body temperature, so there is no way to burn or damage the skin (it does not adhere to live skin cells like wax does). It is water soluble and rinses off easily, although there is usually no residue! Sugaring technique removes the hair fully from the pore, leaving an empty pore that is able to close and stop growing hair over time. Usually after the first few months of regular sugaring, clients see hair loss of 30-60%. The hair grows back very fine and thin, even appearing lighter. The best part for most clients is how manageable the regrowth is. Its not rough and wiry, feels soft and fine like your arm hair!

  3. A Brazilian is when we remove ALL of the hair around the vagina and anus. This sounds intimidating, but its really not! Some clients start with just a bikini and work their way up to the full Brazilian. A bikini sugaring includes the area right around where your basic bikini bottom would sit. 90% of our clients get the full Brazilian, even after only coming in for a bikini. It doesn’t take much more time to do the full Brazilian and it feels amazing afterward!

  4. During the Brazilian service, you will undress from the waist down (everything off, no modest way to get a Brazilian!) and cover up with a towel before your esthetician comes in. We do these services all day every day, so don’t worry about being uncomfortable! Our staff is trained to make everyone feel totally at ease during the service. The actual hair removal process takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes, just depending on you and your hair.

  5. We offer packages on the services individually to save money over time, and our first time Brazilian special is always $35 instead of the normal $75! So with that in mind, it would be $145 for full legs, Brazilian, and underarms on their first visit.


Got more questions about sugaring or hair remove feel free to reach out to Sugar Bar and they would love to help you!

Thank you Sarah for your wonderful help!